Loaded 4×4 – with Canons, Pannys, GoPros and DJI Drones… my recent happy place!

by Australian Videocamera Senior Writer StephenTurner Well. How things have changed in the world of location shoots. The days of lugging loads of heavy equipment are long gone. Everything is now light, compact, and easily […]

Monaro Interior with camcorders

Just Like Top Gear or The Grand Tour

One thing I have learned from this exercise;
if you intend to take shots from a moving vehicle, don’t skimp on the mount
quality. It just isn’t worth it when you have a precious camera as its cargo.
The cheapies just don’t cut it, and will cause vibration at best and break
apart at speed at worst!

As such, I can vouch for those from Hague Camera Supports / Cameragrip with confidence.