DIY Sun Shades for Small Camera Monitors

Reader Daryl Cross sent us in this tip. I am sure it could also be modified to suit phone screens when drone flying …

Thought you might find this interesting.

Was trying to find articles about DIY Shades for small external camera monitors – couldn’t really find any suitable ones so decided to make my own.

To start with I admit I am a bit of a cheapskate – don’t want to spend too much money of accessories in my video work.. I do most of my work outdoors and very early on I found that using an external 5″ monitor on my camera I was still getting too much glare, even with the shade that came with the monitor.

Looked around at ways this could be overcome and had a brainwave. As we eat a lot of ice cream in our household it seemed to me that if I could convert one of the small ice cream containers to fit over the existing shade on the monitor it would solve most of my glare problems. After trying out a number of different ways to make this “Ice cream Shade” finally came up with the following solution.

  1. Mark out an accurate section of the lid of the container to fit snugly over the monitor shade (reasonably tight so it won’t slip), cut out that section.
  2. Mark out a section to cut out on the bottom of the ice cream container for viewing through and cut that out.
  3. Spray paint the inside (and outside) of the container (and lid) with Matt Black Paint.
  4. Wait until dry and then give a second coat of Matt Black.
  5. Glue the lid on to the container with Super glue (or similar).

That’s it – you are finished. I have been using my “Ice Cream shade” without a hitch for at least three years now but can always make another one if need be in a couple of hours.