New DJI Drone. Another Mavic.

To be fair, it was pretty much expected. A Classic version of the Mavic 3 – still with a lot of bells and whistles, but without the stratospheric price tag the top of the range Pro has. That is not to say the imagery ability has been downgraded, not at all. It still has the Hasselblad camera on board giving 5.1k / 50fps 20MP AND has 46 minutes* flying time with a stated 15Km video transmission range. But no, there is no secondary telephoto camera.

It comes with the full on DJI RC Controller though, so you can ditch your phone or tablet, and hopefully, the screen also is bright / contrasty enough to do away with the need for any sunshade (I have requested a controller for my Air2S now that is compatible so hopefully I will be able to let you know on that score).

The difficulty for the consumer in my mind is now whether to go for the Air2S ($1699) or the Mavic 3 Classic ($2599). Is it worth the extra $900? With the Pro controller valued at $1529 stand alone, the answer I’d say is yes.

I’ll have a complete run down on all the features etc shortly.