Roger Waters. Comfortably Numb 2022. A Very Different Take Using CGI

I am an unashamed Pink Floyd fan, and also love Roger Waters (who left the band bloody yonks ago).  I had an article a few weeks back about the Pulse video and especially the track Comfortably Numb, which I think I described as a masterpiece in video and visual production overall.

Well, Roger Waters has just released a solo version of it called Comfortably Numb 2022. It is described as a “Dark”: version. It is that, I have to say; and with no guitar solo which was the highlight of previous versions. But it is extremely haunting for other reasons, not the least being the brilliant use of simply almost monochrome CGI panning over a landscape.

You can read into this whatever conflict you will – or all conflicts for that matter – but it does use music and video to project intensly powerful emotions I think, and is a masterclass in video / music creation of simplicity not needing more than careful thought of what exactly you are trying to portray or say.

See for yourself.


PULSE a Masterclass in Production

Back in the early 2000’s I had flown back to WA from my then base on the Northern Beaches of Sydney to catch up with my younger brother for some event or other.

While there, he played me a DVD on his new stereo VCR, and I was gobsmacked. That DVD was Pulse by Pink Floyd, a live concert at Earls Court in London.

To this day, that concert to me, is the epitome of a live production; simply it is masterful.

I hate to think how many cameras were employed and how much editing had to be done – the sheer size of the project is staggering. The lighting alone is worth the watch.




Pulse is a Master Class on putting together not just a music video or concert, but any sort of production.

By the way, the guitar break in the song Comfortably Numb was voted as the best guitar solo ever. If you want to see / hear it, start the clip at around 1:17:24