Action Cam Tutorials and Techniques

With its stabilisation can a GoPro benefit from a gimbal? Absolutely. Here’s why.

There was a question in one of the Facebook GoPro forums today. Someone asked which gimbal they should / could get that would suit a GoPro 10. Various options were mentioned (my recommendation having tried […]

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Review: Zhiyun Smooth Q4 Gimbal

Also clever is a Follow and Shoot mode. If you have the smartphone and gimbal on the tripod, by raising you palm it causes the gimbal to track your face, including panning and tilting as needed. Very useful for doing one person pieces to camera when you don’t want to be static but instead move around. […]

Action Cam Tutorials and Techniques

Quick Field Review: GoPro Hero 9 and Media Mod, Zhiyun Crane M3 and DJI Mic

The duo of the Zhiyun and GoPro was not too heavy and well balanced and although the party tricks of the Zhiyun controls could not be brought into play with the camera (full control via triggers and menus etc is not supported for GoPros) I could control the gimbal alone easily, and the pair was well balanced. […]