‘The Canary’ being shot in Western Australia.

Earlier last month I requested through various film making oriented Facebook groups for information on current projects so we could assist in getting some promotion and exposure for them.

Reaction has been minimal to say the least, which is somewhat disappointing, but one that did come across my desk is actually a local West Australian production penned by award winning scriptwriter Emilie Lowe.

‘The Canary’, an upcoming 2021 film, promises to be a visceral and compelling period drama that utilizes Western Australian cast, crew, locations and businesses. With a timely and ever-relevant story surrounding the gender roles, female empowerment and defying subjugating social standards, the film, created by a young female writer and director pledges to make a big impact. 

Set during the eighteenth century, ‘The Canary’ follows protagonist Claire, who, following the sinking of a transport vessel, is set adrift onto the Australian open ocean. With little but a lifeboat and caged canary beside her, Claire must find the power to defy the social standards of her time; utilising her inner-strength, determination to survive and unrealised ingenuity to endure survival on the expansive ocean. 

Written and co-directed by award-winning scriptwriter Emilie Lowe (winner of the MyStateFilm Festival and the STUFFit Film Festival), a 21-year-old filmmaker from the northern suburbs, ‘The Canary’ provides a voice to the female struggle; with Claire battling against both her own inner-demons, that of her hostile environment and those of her social standing. 

With co-director Peter Renzullo (winner of the Los Angeles American Golden Picture Awards, Five Continent International Film Festival and the L’Age d’Or International Film Festival) behind the camera, and with an array of WA cast and crew, ‘The Canary’ promises to be a timely and hugely entertaining featurette; shedding light upon issues that are eerily relevant in the current climate.  

Emilie Lowe is no stranger to creating films that utilise Western Australia’s diverse landscape. Having graduated from St Marys Anglican Girls’ School and then going on to study scriptwriting at Edith Cowan University, Emilie’s previous films have been widely successful in the film festival circuit for their symbolic imagery, inventive concepts and compelling characters that stray from the norm. In her final year of university, Emilie is excited to combine her experience both behind, and in front of the camera, as a qualified actor, as a young, Western Australian artist in the creative industry. 

Emilie and Peter have worked on a number of projects together, including short films, music videos, narrative pieces and imagery shoots. Running both Salt and Honey Productions and Scudley Films respectively, their experience and understanding of each other’s artistic visions enables them to create unified and consistent works within a supportive film-making environment. Emilie and Peter themselves defy the odds, with Peter being a legally blind filmmaker, and Emilie being a dyslexic writer, the duo proves that hurdles and challenges can’t stop you from achieving your goals. 

Emilie says she is thrilled to be filming at locations across Western Australian, including the historical buildings of Fremantle, the beautiful Scarborough coastlines and the South West of WA. ‘The Canary’ is a film that will display many of Perth’s unique and visually compelling locations. Revealing the raw and natural locations of Yallingup and the historic hidden gems of the city of Perth, ‘The Canary’ will also utilise all WA cast and crew, to create a fully WA supported production. 

Emilie has written a narrative that is an entertaining piece of film but also one communicates that societal ideas believed to be long overcome are still very prevalent in the current climate of today. She aims to create a film that leaves the lasting impression on all audience members that we all have the strength to overcome obstacles deep within us – whether that be obstacles of society, internal struggle or being cast away into the open ocean! 

‘The Canary’ should be an entertaining and topical featurette for all Australians to enjoy and, with the help of Western Australian businesses and locals, a film that hits into the festival circuit with great success. 

With pre-production stages well into development and the plan to begin filming within the next few months, the cast and crew of “The Canary’ hope to gather the support of Western Australian locals and businesses through their funding page: https://readyfundgo.com/project/the-canary-film/


Any relevant assistance, including that of costume design, props, donations or actors seeking to be extras in the film, please contact SaltAndHoneyProductions@outlook.com. 






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