The DJI AIR 2S has arrived …

As I mentioned back in early April, DJI has announced a new model drone, the Air 2S. With a 1″ sensor and a host of other goodies, the Air 2S is aimed squarely at the filmmaking fraternity (as against say the DJI FPV destined ideally for the sports and hobby flyer – more on that in a mo’).

Well, DHL has just dropped off a review unit for me, complete with an ND filter set, and over the next week I’ll be putting it through some paces. Reaction overseas has been overwhelmingly positive, so I have very high hopes for the Air 2S.

On a different note,reviewing progress on the DJI FPV is on hold at the moment as between myself and the DJI engineers, we have come across a perplexing issue that ‘seems’ to be limited to me. No matter what we try and do, the drone will not update the firmware of the Motion Controller.

So far we have tried different controllers and alternative ways to update it, but to date, no luck. It’s a weird one, but I have to say the DJI support people and their engineers have been very diligent in trying to get to the bottom of this.


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