The First “Modular” Action Cam? Perhaps… and it has Leica involved so should be good.

We have been trying to get one, but so far, Insta360, the Chinese based manufacturer and marketer of the same name brand “action cameras” has simply said “that we are not able to sponsor you the camera for review at the moment after careful consideration. I hope you can understand.”

No reason given as you can see. Which is sad as the boffins at who are 360° degree specialists reckon the Insta360 camera is the best of the lot.

So all we can do is report what our mates at Redshark have found out: that is, Insta360 has a new camera that is claimed to be the first “modular” action cam. This means it has interchangeable lenses (co-engineered be no less than Leica which is also a Panasonic partner, hence the great imagery from Panny cameras and camcorders).

You can choose between a dual lens 360° setup, a 4K wide angle module or a 1” 5.3K video 19mp module (which is where Leica came in).

Of course the major step is the 1: sensor, opening up a whole new world, but there is also voice control, waterproofing to 5 metres and what I am told is the best stabilisation in the biz called FlowState.

Add on bits are coming too, such as a double sized battery and a fancy drone module to make – to all intents and purposes – the host drone invisible thus allowing a full 360° image.

LOG and HDR are supported with video bitrates up to 100Mbps. The 4K and 1”modules record to H.264 or H.265 codecs while the Dual Lens 360 records to H.265. All offer JPEG o RAW still capture. A variety of HD, 4K and 5K frame sizes are supported with the 4K module supporting HD at up to 200 fps.

Pricing seems a bit vague at present, but I don’t think for all the modules including the body for much you’ll get much change from around AUD$1000, possibly more. But hey, that gives you not one but THREE allegedly very, very good cameras.

We’ll keep trying to get one, and some of the siblings as well to see how they go against Vuze, Ricoh, GoPro and QooCam 360° models.

If there is anything new since I posted this, it’ll be at


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