There is an App for that. Yes, yes there is, but on the wrong damn platform!

There is more to the world than Android or iOS in the mobile world …

And with that phrase, I am on a mission!

Last night I did an inventory of the apps I use (I am Android based by the way) and it was quite staggering. By the way, I am only talking about ones that are video camera associated in some form or another, and not things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any other the literally millions of “general purpose” type apps around.

So, I have an app to control my Sony RX0 camcorder and another for the Sony Handycams. There is yet another each for the Panasonic(s), the Vuze XR, the Ricoh Theta V, the GoPros, the Samsung 360° and the Sennheiser Memory Mic.

Then there are also apps from Adobe, the Android Voice Recorder, the 360Fly camera… well, you get the idea.

One app I have found that is invaluable, is the one we reviewed in the latest edition of our e-mag called Teleprompter Pro. But this one has a major, major distinction over the others, and hence, me being on a mission.

You see, because Teleprompter Pro is a Windows based app, I can run it on my beloved Windows Surface – in tablet mode or laptop mode.

But every other app useful to humankind in the video making business (that I know of anyway) is either Android or iOS based, which means I would have to use either an iPad or Android tablet (video-oriented apps on phones are a pain I find as everything is so small).

Yes, there is the Bluestacks Android emulator, and I run Instagram on the Surface (and my ASUS laptop) using this, but even then, it is such a resource hog, that I am sure as good as the Surface is, the pressure placed on it by these apps such as asking to play with the Vuze XR in 360° degree AND 4K, with Bluestacks also loaded, would stress the poor lamb a bit beyond its intended use. And anyway, in the tests I have tried, using Wi-Fi between the Surface and these devices seems to clash and is a no go zone.

I will keep trying though.

Browsing a variety of GoPro forums it seems that some folk have managed to get GoPro Hero models 2 to 5 working so I might give that a crack with my 6.  But again, the overheads of Bluestacks I am guessing will preclude this.

What I would far prefer though, to save all the stuffing around, is for developers including the major camera manufacturers to realise that there is more to life than bloody iPhones and Android! There are millions of Surfaces (Surface-i?) out there now, and I am pretty sure a fair number of them are owned by video creating folk. We even said back in the Teleprompter Pro review that this app alone at $8.99 – yes less than 9 bucks – is worth the price of the Surface.

So Microsoft, how about cosying up to Sony, Panasonic, GoPro, Vuze, Samsung, Canon, Sennheiser and the like and having a quiet whisper of support in their shell likes?

And you lot, how about getting your developers a copy of the SDK for the Windows store? Between the two of you, you could make beautiful music together!

If anyone has had any success getting any of these cameras / accessories working under Bluestacks (on any platform), I’d love to hear from you at


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