They are back! Clarkson, May and Hammond in the Grand Tour. And what a trailer …

Okay, so I am a blatant and unashamed fan of these three reprobates. Socially inept, marginally sexist, don’t give a damn what others think and enjoy a good time (and yes they earn a shedload of money as a result I know).

But they also make bloody good TV by being themselves and surrounded by camera operators, soundies, directors, lighting and other folk who are the very best in the business.

For years we have used The Grand Tour (and Top Gear before it) as examples of excellence in cinematography and more, and this trailer for their new series starting on January 18 next year is another brilliant example of what can be done.

Aspiring filmmakers could do a lot worse than study the techniques used in all the aspects of camera work, lighting, audio, effects, dialogue, timing etc.



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