Tutorial of the Week: Create a Dr Who animated space / time vortex.

When I was a wee lad, a new show appeared on the telly (in black and white) at 6:30 on a rainy Sunday afternoon. It started with some weird electronic music and what looked like a rib cage slowly blowing itself apart.

Then an old man with long whte hair appeared out of the pixely gloom.

And so Dr Who was born, and I became life long hooked.

Over the years the show’s performance has waxed and waned – and even diappeared for a long time before resurfacing better than ever (although I am not a huge fan of the current series I admit).

But consistent throughout has been the “timey wimey” space / time continuum vortex, and here we have a tutorial showing you how to make an animated one!

This uses Adobe After Effects, but I am sure it can be modified to work in say Hitfilm Express, Vegas Effects, DaVinci Fusion and other packages. (Or of course geta  trial of After Effects here).

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