Video Review: Vasco Da Gama 12 Ultimate – Kiwi Holiday

by Dr David Smith


German software company Motion Studios has been producing high-end mapping and travel video software for many years.  Street Maps 7 provides beautiful, highly detailed maps of just about every city and town on earth and Vasco Da Gama allows you to very easily incorporate those maps into its mapping engine to produce professional quality travel videos.

These large and comprehensive programs are continually developed and improved with a new release appearing each year. The latest version of Vasco Da Gama, Version 12,  once again arrived with a suite of important new features, including full GPS support in when in simple map mode, a new drone-style camera mode, better, clearer handling of still images and, for the first time, animated clouds ranging from light to stormy.

My favourite addition is the new map style called blue Marble 2018 which is a real work of art, with deep blue ocean colours and excellent colour palettes for terrestrial features.

There are many more additions and the Ultimate version comes with an even larger locality database as well as a huge database of terrain elevation points. With a choice of simple and expert modes, you can easily generate a professional quality travel map within a few minutes. In this tutorial I show you how I developed a travelogue of our recent trip to New Zealand’s spectacular South Island.

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