Vegas Post: A Month In…

I have used Vegas Post now for over a month, and if you are a Vegas Pro user I suggest you get the trial version and have a look. (It is at and scroll to the very bottom of the page)

At first, especially if you are used “Toolbox” based applications, it might seem a little daunting to use, but once you have had a play, and I recommend doing a YouTube search for “Imerge” and “Hitfilm” tutorials (these are the original apps they are based on), you will quickly grasp the workflow.

Indeed, I plan on putting together some tutorials myself covering everyday stuff that video editors need to do such as creating alpha channels in still images (for product promotion videos), green screening basics and the like.

As an example of how Image works, and using the alpha channel example, the steps in Photoshop are to:

  • Open an image
  • Double Click the image to turn it into a layer and editable
  • Create a new transparent layer and make sure it is underneath the original
  • Select the top layer
  • Choose the Magic Wand tool
  • Click the area you want to be an alpha channel
  • Press delete

In Vegas Post Image, you simply import your image to a project, select a luminance mask or even easier, Remove Stock Background mask, and choose the colour range to be removed, followed by exporting the image as a PNG.

You can if you wish, view the matte for fine tuning.



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