Vehicle Mounting System (and others).

We have covered this a fair bit over the years, being the fans of the “original” Top Gear and then The Grand Tour that we are.

Today I got an email from US based Digital Juice advertising a “lightweight but secure vehicle” designed and “creative video shots on any production shoot“.

The asking price is USD$399 including shipping but a closer inspectioon shows this does not apply to overseas. You can get all the details here. So roughly with exchange rates and freight etc, I doubt much change from AUD$1200.

There is also a promo video:

However, the unit we have been using is from UK company CameraGrip who make a bunch of different mounts, dollies, cranes, jibs and so on.

Here is our main unit:


… which sticks like the the proverbial to a blanket on windows, bonnets, roofs and even side panels. See the story we did here that also includes the headrest mount below. I drove all around Europe with one of these on a Mercedes SUV (I hate that term) wagon thingy with a largish Canon XHA1 bolted to it and it did’;t miss a bit in 14 days of autobahns, autostradas, mountain roads and English country back roads.


These retail for £84 and £54 respectively and while shipping does still apply, from experience, it’s a damn sight cheaper and faster than from the US.

For their full range of car mounts, have a gander at:

… and from there you can browse to the rest of the range – there are dozens and dozens of all types and varieties for many different jobs.


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