Video creator oriented “Black Friday” deals…

We don’t normally partake in these sorts of things, primarily as I have no intention of being a mouthpiece for vendors flogging things.

I mean, I didn’t get up this morning and think, “What can I do for free today so others can make money?”

Having said that, there are vendors out there who do realise our worth in getting thier message to you, the actual end-user who at the end of the day, does pay the bills. These vendors do assist us in our quest and I am happy to reciprocate.

So here are a few for starters:


Gift yourself (or someone you love) something you really wanted this year. Save 20% on a new 1-year subscription to Pro Tools, Media Composer, or Sibelius.

Offer only valid till November 29th, so start shopping now!

avid button


If you’re looking for a powerful solution to play back, manage and transcode your media, Kyno Standard is for you. Go for Premium if you want all in: best-in-class format support, offloading, powerful workflows from camera to edit and there’s more to come this year with Kyno 1.9 due to be released in the coming weeks. This offer also applies to upgrades from Kyno Standard.

If you’re already using Kyno and you’ve been waiting for the perfect moment to upgrade to the latest version, purchase another year of update for Kyno Standard or another year of update for Kyno Premium at a 30% discount.

And there are more deals too.  Click the button below

Kyno button


Drones, pocket cameras, gimbals, action cams – all the best toys (that are actually useful!) are in the DJI Store with some amazing discounts for Black Friday. You can even win product on a daily basis!

Click the button below to find out more.

dji store button


10 volumes of effects and more. Nomrally USD$599 now only USD$26!! Here’s a sample of what you get …

busyboxx mshot

Click the button below for more info.


We’ll add more of these special deals as they become known to us.



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