Video Tutorial: Vegas VR Studio

Over the last few months I have been putting together a tutorial on the latest VR software from Vegas Creative Software called VR Studio. (Vegas Creative Software also make Vegas Pro 16 and Vegas Movie Studio. The sister company is MAGIX who have Sound Forge, Photostory VR, ACID Pro, Xara Designer Pro, Samplitude and others).

I based the tutorial as I have with other tutorials I have written / produced over the years around a project. In this case, it is the wine bar “Tall Timbers” set in the local town, Manjimup, in the south west of Western Australia, and uses the software to create a marketing tool for the wine bar, its restaurant, areas of interest in the locality and of course local wines it sells with a focus on one supplier, Hidden River Estate.

The software itself is quite easy to use once you grasp the concepts and is adaptable for a variety of uses including this one. It’s up to your own imagination.

The cameras I used were a Ricoh Theta V and a VUZE XR. Audio was captured on a Sennheiser Memory Mic and the visuals put together in Vegas Pro 16 (with some help from Xara Designer Pro)., The interview camera is a Panasonic WFX1 by the way.

You can get a trial copy of VR Studio (Windows only sorry!) from here.

To get all the tutorial files I used (and the completed project and supporting) files, click here. The actual images, videos etc are in the “src” folder.

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