VUZE Cameras: An Aussie Update

We have been chasing VUZE for some time now in order to look at one – any – of their cameras. VUZE has been all over social media for months and months, and our requests, nay pleadings, had gone unheard until recently when we had an answer back from its Veep of Marketing.

Well now there has been some further action on that front, and we have been told their brand new whizzbang, the VUZE XR launch is imminent, and from what we know and have seen, its look to be a ripper. It has also been hinted we will get one to play with sooner rather than later.

As a teaser, we have been given access to a video showing off its capabilities …

When we know more, we will let you know. In the meantime, apart from the video, this is what we DO know



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