Which gimbal should I use. Here’s a chart…

For a while now, gimbals have been a Thing. And quite right too, as in the right circumstances a gimbal matched with the right camera is a fabulous tool to get some unique – not to mention s-m-o-o-t-h – shots.

But which gimbal?

This all depends, but the main factor is what sort of camera are you using? A full on dSLR? A mirrorless 4/3rds? A dedicated camcorder? Perhaps a smartphone?

Using the wrong gimbal for a camera, or indeed vice versa, will cause all sorts of grief.

There are a number of gimbal manufacturers including DJI who cut their teeth with the Ronin series and incorporated its drone technology to great effect. Or it might have been vice versa.

Lately, we have seen ZHIYUN step up and here at Australian Videocamera we have a couple of ZHIYUN units and another on the way for review.

To aid the beginner, and not so beginner alike in just what gimbal to use, ZHIYUN sent us this handy table to assist.


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