Why do we detest Telstra? Let me count the ways …

And Telstra wonders why so many people detest them and are happy to tell all their mates – and anyone who will listen – why.

Well here is our sorry tale to add to the plethora of sorry tales out there.

Jacqui and I, after 2 years, have moved back to the Almost Big Smoke and therefore away from the 200GB / $179 price tag / month for satellite internet (not to mention satellite TV), no option for a landline and limited mobile phone access.

3 weeks before the move, we organised with Telstra to have our new house, in Australind near Bunbury in WA, and certainly in civilisation as attested by the presence of Bunnings AND a Dan Murphy store, essential for life as we know it, connect us for internet access.

The only slight problem was the absence of NBN at this stage, due we were told in late September, so we’d have to settle for ADSL-2.

Not an issue we said.

After moving in yesterday, as I said, 3 weeks AFTER being told all was well, and order issued and all the other guff that accompanies such an operation, not only had the promised land line not be effected, no modem in the mailbox appeared but there was also no ADSL-2 connection either.

So, a call to Telstra, on a Sunday, was warranted.

On the 3rd attempt, after being cut off twice when Mumbai decided we needed to talk to New Delhi or someone in the Philippines (I assume), I finally got to talk to someone who made some sense and told me that our order had been cancelled.

Cancelled? Why the Daffy Duck has it been cancelled?”, I questioned, which I thought was a reasonable retort under the circumstances. “And why weren’t we notified”?

The “Telstra Team Member” apologised most profusely on behalf of Telstra, and said it was because the NBN was imminent in our area. In late October. 10 weeks away. (Not the 30 days we had been previously been told, note).

The only options were a Telstra supplied mobile Wi-fi dongle which apparently would be a huge investment in my future as I can take it anywhere, or a data only SIM running 4G and “5G when you get it in your area”.

Maximum 100GB for a month at either $149 / month or $79 / month. The former on a 2 year contract or the latter on month-by-month.

And because we had been so terribly inconvenienced by Telstra over this issue, they would waive any delivery fee ($14.95 as it turns out).

So, we are over a barrel. No NBN means we cannot switch to any other provider – yet – and being where we are, Telstra rules in coverage.

I have bitten the bullet; I simply cannot operate this magazine without a decent and reliable internet connection and a reasonable amount of data. So, I’ll pay the $79 / month until the NBN is well and truly on and connected and proven.

Will it be Telstra I’ll use? Well, my previous satellite provider, IPStar were brilliant for 2 years and as they can also supply me NBN they say, they have to be my preferred option.

Telstra say my 100GB / month data only SIM is guaranteed to be here by Wednesday – 3 days time. But it cannot send it to, or organise a pick up from the local Telstra shop 10 minutes away for tomorrow.

Hell, they cannot even tell me they cancelled an order despite having my phone and email details and those of Jacqui.

As they now have to rely on Australia Post as well, anything could happen. I’m willing to bet at some point the ADSL modem turns up though.

Telstra. This is why we hate you.


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