Why do we hate Telstra (Part 2)

Well now were up and running, mostly successfully, but there were hiccups in the middle. The first of course was with Telstra whereby the promised SIM card that we were told would be here by the following Wednesday simply did not turn up. Rather than spend another three or four hours on the telephone to work out what went wrong, instead, I ventured to the local Telstra shop and was lucky enough to get someone who knew what they were talking about.

Within about 30 minutes I had in my hot little hands a nice shiny new 100GB SIM. The Telstra man, who turned out was the branch sales manager, even threw in a Telstra dongle for nix. He also promised that if and when the other SIM card turned up he would get that sorted.

Then the problems started again as when the SIM was inserted into the dongle it simply didn’t work. And that was the end of that. The only thing to do was to go back to Telstra shop next day and get a new SIM card.

This was is all done fairly painlessly thankfully and we were on air within 10 minutes of getting home. Due to the location we were using in the kitchen, however it would drop out every two or three minutes. The most successful location appeared to one of the front rooms and there are at least we would get a couple of hours before randomly, it got a glitch and reboot itself.

So, the next thing to do was to get a decent router that supported the SIM card as it turned out my trusty D-Link 895 L had no SIM capability. A quick phone call to the appropriate people at D-Link and we were advised that their model DWR 956 was the way to go, so one was duly ordered that turned up the next day.

Now I like D-Link products I always have done, D-Link is a company that has been very good to me in terms of support and supply review of product if and when necessary. But in this case for the life of me, I could not get this thing to work. You would insert the SIM card, turn the power on and according to the instructions it would detect the SIM and then on each device – computer phone tablet whatever – all we needed to do is enter the security number and all would be well with the world.

But that green Internet light just damn well refused to come on. I tried everything I could think of to make this thing go, but absolutely no luck whatsoever. A phone call to D-Link support was in order. And here I had another problem; mobile telephone reception here is atrocious and phone calls from the kitchen to D-Link dropped out six times causing frustration at both ends. Eventually the nice man from D-Link called me and we seemed to have a secure line that stayed up and he talked me through what had gone wrong.

Very simply, as each ISP has their own ways of getting connections done, I had to delve into the guts of the router to modify the appropriate settings for our ISP – in this case Telstra. Once that was done that nice little green light started flashing away albeit not with the best signal, but a connection nonetheless and all our devices were now quite cheerfully talking to the Internet.

At last.

So, credit where credit is due.

Many thanks to Telstra physical staff and not too many to their online ones. As of the time of writing that promised SIM has still not arrived. Many thanks too to D-Link but I said, I like their devices when they work. But in this case there is one thing I’d like to say as criticism and that is that in the manual they really should state that is not the simple case of insert your SIM and turn it on. Anybody with no knowledge whatsoever would be struggling in this area with this model if this was taken as gospel.


Except we are not up and running fully. The wi-fi signal strength here is atrocious. Not even iView runs smoothly at 2Mb/s and as for the Fetch box, forget it. The D-Link 956 gets one bar at best, and the phones we have (all Samsungs) drop out regularly during conversations anywhere in the house or even outside.

At this point I am not sure if we are simply stuck with this until the NBN is available, but I have the feelers out to anyone I can think of to try and fix the issue. In the interim of courtse, as Telstra did NOT deliver what we ordered, and we have thertefore bought a flawed and inferior system – we are paying $95 / month for – the Telecoms Ombudsman might be the next port of call.

Sure as hell, running any sort of business with this level of connectivity is NOT going to be easy.

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