Words Without Images. A Dilemma. Can YOU Solve The Puzzle?

I woke up with this in mind at 2am this morning and had to write it down. For 2 hours it kept going around and around in my head for some odd reason, as while I detest the concept of what it is about, it is not something I have placed a lot of thinking into. Well at least not consciously….

Initially, I had the thought of turning this into something visual, but not sure now if I could, unless (without giving anything away before you have read it), you could sorta “juxtapose” the character types (you might understand that AFTER reading it).

Any thoughts and comments appreciated 🙂

Georgie stamped her little foot and stated loudly for all and sundry, “I do NOT want to go. And I won’t!”

Her father sighed. “Georgie, we have been through all this. It promises to be a wonderful holiday. A nice ocean cruise, see new places, meet new friends, try new food – it will be fabulous!”

Her mother added, “Just listen to your father Georgie. He knows best”.

The twins giggled and looked away. Alan, Georgie’s older brother seemed disinterested. They had been through all this a hundred times before.

“No”, said Georgie. “I told you. I think something bad is going to happen. I know it is. So, I am not going. You can’t make me. I’ll… I’ll run away, and you’ll never find me”.

“And where will you go,” asked her mother? “You are now being silly again.”

“I’ll hide in the forest. And forage. And drink from streams. You’ll never find me”.

Across the other side of the fields was a huge eucalyptus forest, and this is what Georgie was referring to.

“You are sooooooooo blonde Georgie”, snorted Alan. “Of course, they’ll find you. With that colouring, you’ll stand out against the dark trees like, like … a blonde thing!”

“I am not coming,” shouted Georgie.

Her father took a step towards her and she backed off. And then turned and ran, her little legs going 19 to the dozen towards the forest.

Mum and Dad sighed together. “Alan, go after her and bring her back. And remember, we have to be ready to go by 11 o’ clock when we are being picked up”.

Alan mumbled something under his breath, but did as he was told, and headed towards the road and the distant forest.

Two minutes later, they heard Alan call out “No, Georgie NO!” and there was the screeching of brakes and a loud thud.

Mum and Dad and the twins raced towards the road. There they found Pete Davison standing next to his old Holden ute.

His shoulders were drooped, his head down and he was looking at a small bundle lying on the ground at the front of the old ute.

A small blonde bundle.

The rest of family caught up, saw the horrible sight and stopped in their tracks.

After a few minutes, Dad said, “Come on, there is nothing we can do here. Let’s go back and get ready. I see our lift has arrived to take us on our holiday”.

The family trudged back to the farm to join the queue with the rest, ready to board their lift to the ship for their exotic Middle Eastern Cruise.

Their hooves clacked on the blue metal roadway as they went.

Never mind, things could only get better.

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