You are a woman in the film industry. How are you treated?

4101_PP_D001_00441(l to r) Production Designer Suzie Davis, Producer Jamie Patricof, Producer Diane Levin, Producer Kim Kubrick and Producer Katie McNeill on the set of their upcoming film THE ZOOKEEPER’S WIFE, a Focus Features release.Credit: Anne Marie Fox / Focus Features

With all the talk lately, in the film industry at least, about Weinstein and others with their alleged misogynistic and sexual misconduct, I am curious as to how women are treated in the industry in Australia. But I want to take it further than investigating these sorts of misdemeanours as purported to be by Weinstein and Co, because as bad as they are, as I suspect there may be more than this.

I especially want to hear from those who are actual filmmakers – whether it be documentary, horror film, short Tropfest-type piece, TV commercials – whatever. Is your position of authority on set respected?

Likewise, if you are one of the crew or an actor, are you given the respect you deserve?

So, as a woman, how are you treated in the industry? Do you feel second rate? Treated as if you are “not as good” as the men?  Told you cannot be up to the job? Your ideas ignored? Get the feeling your male counterparts think your efforts a bit of a joke and you are simply being humoured?

Get rejected because you are a woman (and are told so or it is hinted at) when trying tom gain funding, sponsorship etc.

And if you have need to chastise someone (male or female) on set for not following instructions, are you heeded as treated as a man would be treated in the same circumstances?

In short, do you think your gender has any effect on your situation as a filmmaker – negatively or positively?

Feel free to comment here of course, but if you wish to remain anonymous, contact me via Your privacy will be respected I assure you.

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