Review: XSplit VCam

One of the things that is desirable when setting up a location for Vlogging is to have a neutral background, or better, one with a green screen letting you then key that out and replace it to make it look like you are somewhere exotic or techy or in a location more suited to your video blog content than your bedroom, loungeroom or wherever.

Further, to make this work properly you need decent lighting and some better than average software to do the chromakeying, and it can be trial and error and if not perfect look downright ‘orrible and amateurish.

Then along comes XSplit VCam and makes it all so easy it seems like magic. In fact it is extraordinary!

Not only can in one click it remove the background, but there is also an option to let you replace it with an image and even blur that image (or of course simply just blur the current background).

The software is also setup to start live streaming immediately if you want with whatever camera you have connected, in my case the Logitech C922.

To set everything up properly there are easy to follow YouTube tutorials for:

The free version lets you replace the background and blur but is not allowed for commercial use plus it watermarks the footage. There is no support for the free version, but when the full-on Premium is only USD$60 for 12 months, if you do a lot of video blogging, streaming or conferencing, then this is peanuts to get the fully featured version.

Get the full details at

Editor: We have just received a Tweet from @XSplit saying 1) There is a standalone VCam lifetime license that costs $50 in case you won’t be using the other XSplit products and 2). Even with the free version, we still provide tech support and assistance.

Original Image
Background Removed
Background Blurred 69%

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