Audio specialist Sennheiser enters automotive sector

Usually when a product or technology hits a specific point, you know it is now mainstream. So with Sennheiser’s AMBEO technology now being used in automotive entertainment systems, it can truly be said it has come of age I think.

Karma and Sennheiser to showcase first in-car AMBEO sound system at Monterey Car Week

You see, Sennheiser has entered the automotive sector with an AMBEO audio solution for in-car entertainment and communication in collaboration with Southern California-based luxury automaker, Karma Automotive.

Meticulously engineered using highest-grade microphone and loudspeaker technology and 3D audio expertise, the AMBEO sound system provides impressively enveloping sound and clear audio for phone calls.

The system can first be experienced as a technology showcase on a new 2020 Karma Revero GT during Monterey Car Week from August 15 to 18.

Now car audio is not in our usual Australian Videocamera remit, so click below if you want more info.

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