Just Released: Adobe 2022 Visual and Creative Trends report

Adobe Stock’s 2022 Creative Trends Report predicts trends, including:

Visual Trends:

  • Power of Playfulness: Reflecting comfort, energy and joy, commercial projects have engaged and inspired consumers to stay positive, find the small joys in life, and keep keeping on despite the state of flux that has remained through the pandemic.
  • Love Yourself: The pandemic has caused more people than ever before to struggle with increased stress, depression and burn out, bringing attention to the importance of mental health.

Design Trends:

  • Soft Pop: Soft Pop is a trend defined by fun, pliable forms, examining our relationship to objects and tactility in digital spaces, and is largely characterized by 3D cartooning, character narrative and squishy appearances.
  • Neu Naturalism: Neu Naturalism aesthetics are defined by their clean modernism and almost-clinical elevation of the organic. These visuals are inspired by process art, post-minimalism and clean living.

Motion Trends:

  • Metaverse Immersion: The metaverse has recently become a trending term, referring to a digital world existing beyond the analog one in which we live.
  • Get Moving: To represent physical and emotional connections between people, brands and advertising have resorted to using rhythm, dancing and movement (jumping, outdoor sports, etc.) to demonstrate connection between people.

You can read the full report here

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