Scotty Makes Stuff

I haven’t seen any of these products myself, and have no axe to grind apart from alerting my readers to what looks like useful “stuff”, but judging by the comments in various newsgroups Ibelong to regarding DJI, GoPro and similar items, they are a cut above.

I discovered “Scotty Makes Stuff” is based in Taree in northern NSW and his range covers items such as gimbals, sliders, cases, replacement sticks for drone controllers, adaptors and the like.

Reading the bio on their website, it looks like a lot of the stuff is designed and made right here in Australia.

If you have an interest in drones and action cams – including the brilliant little DJI Pocket 2 – take a look at

Disclaimer: As I said, I have NO affiliation with this company nor has it paid for any promotion or advertising. I simply found them in my on-line travels and thought my readers would be interested.

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