New portable “Lightstick” from Zhiyun

The new products out of Zhiyun are coming thick and fast of late. Last night yet another was announced and no, it is not a new gimbal.

The FR100C is a powerful, portable LED light stick that’s slimmer and weighs less than competitor alternatives, and yet still achieves 5X more luminosity. The FR100C can produce up to 21195 lux (at 0.3m) and provides 100 dimming steps to precisely meet the requirements of the scene. An ergonomic control wheel and inbuilt status display is easy to see, and convenient for one-handed control. The standard ¼ mounting screw hole in the base allows the FR100C to be mounted on a gimbal, tripod, stand or other equipment as required for each scene.

Supporting a full temperature range from 2700K-6300K, plus RGB hue, saturation and brightness using the HIS full color mode allows more freedom to fit the lighting to any scene, whether it’s a natural environment or when something more creative is required.

Built in fans ensure effective cooling, ensuring it can be used even in high ambient temperatures. A large 6-cell internal battery provides hours of illumination, while extremely fast 120W PD charging via USB-C ensures the FR100C can be back in use exceptionally quickly, minimizing downtime.

The ZHIYUN FIVERAY FR100C is available in white and black color options for USD$199, or with a combo that includes a 120W power adapter for USD$249.

Read more information at the official website and YouTube channel.

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