Do you know what is the right mic for the job? If not, read on!

Do you know what is the right microphone for a specific purpose? Or do you just use one mic for everything and hope it will sound OK?

The truth is, that as audio is such an important element of the whole video / film making process, you really should try and get the right and best mic for the job. Even if consider hiring one for a short time. (Videocraft are good for this).

For example, if you have a podcasting mic, this will be perfectly good for recording a voice over, but if you want some ambient noise outside – the rain dripping off trees, the wind howling, a thunderstorm, traffic noise and so on – it will just be crap.

So, to give you a leg up, we asked the experts at Sennheiser to give us a guide to work from. Yes, it uses their products to demonstrate what type, but whilst I am sure they’ll hope you do buy a Sennheiser, there are other mics on the market if, for example, your budget is a bit stretched.

To read the guide, click here. And if you are considering purchasing, have a look at Videoguys.

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